Comfortable Cool

Comfortable Cool
When the groundhog reared his head this year and pronounced the fate of our coldest season, he predicted six more weeks of shivers and chill. He said nothing, however, about taking a vacation to somewhere tropical in the meantime. And the perfect companions for any man seeking the ideal getaway are sleek and comfortable accessories. TOMS University Navy Rope Sole Men’s Classics are exactly that—classic pieces of footwear that are easy on the feet and the eyes. Most importantly, TOMS famously matches its patrons one for one—a pair of shoes goes to a child in need for every pair you buy. Carrera shades are so versatile it doesn’t matter if you’re by the pool or on an evening stroll in paradise—you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eye. And since no one likes his leisure time to slip by, you won’t mind checking your Nixon to keep track.

Words: Melissa Curra | Photos: Luke Hanscom
Stylist: Annie Vazquez
Location: Mondrian South Beach Hotel,
Miami Beach, FL