Great South Bay Brewery Bier Mussels Release/Description, Tasting Room Series Update (03/15)


Great South Bay Brewery releases Bier Mussels Belgian IPA, a 6.60% ABV Belgian-style IPA, on March 15 (3:00PM).

Bier Mussels Belgian IPA is the fifth release from the Bay Shore-based brewery’s Tasting Room Exclusive Brew Series.

Description of Bier Mussels Belgian IPA:

If the United Nations ever collaborated on a beer recipe, this would be the result. A fusion of a once-English-turned-American beer style with a Belgian yeast strain produces an India Pale Ale with a lot more to offer than just the standard hoppy flavors and bitterness. A blend of American and Belgian hops sit shotgun to the delicate spicy and fruity flavors produced by the unique yeast.

Style: Belgo-American India Pale Ale
Taste: Bold IPA flavors meld with Belgian subtle complexity. Spicy and fruity. Is it the hops? Is it the Belgian-patterned fermentation? Or both? Hmmmm.
Color: 6 SRM
ABV: 6.60%
Bitterness: 65 IBU
Hops: Kent Goldings, Cascade
Grain: Belgian Biscuit Malt, American Crystal Malt
Pairing: Moules Frites, of course!

Tasting Room Exclusive Brew Series Schedule

Goofy Foot Milk Stout :: February 2
Snozberry Stout :: February 9
Chipotle Porter :: March 01
Sandpiper Irish Ale :: March 8
Bier Mussels Belgian IPA :: March 15

No future releases within Great South Bay Brewery’s Tasting Room Exclusive Brew Series have been announced.