Drank That Sh*t: Tröegs Brewing Company Scratch Beer Series #57


Preface: It is quite evident that Super Neat Beer Adventure, Yes!! possesses an ardent adoration for categorical division. We also enjoy searching for, and manipulating, photographs of Skeletor, main antagonist of He-Man, at 2:30AM. Drank That Sh*t will document various beers consumed on Long Island, though produced elsewhere.


Tröegs Brewing Company Scratch Beer Series #57*, a 7.90% ABV weizenbock brewed with cocoa powder, boysenberries, and raspberries, is a tart, ruby-hued mash of banana, chocolate, sweetberry, and vanilla.


We drank that sh*t at The Good Life.

*Tröegs Brewing Company’s Scratch Beer Series, currently at #59 (Mighty Moose Mild), is an experimental beer series enabling the Hershey, Pennsylvania-based brewery to “tinker with new techniques and brew with non-traditional ingredients,” according to its website.

niko krommydas

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