Greenport Harbor Bay Shore Bar Crawl Preview, Hoppy Stout Release (03/30)


Greenport Harbor Brewing Company hosts Bay Shore Bar Crawl, a five-establishment expedition in Bay Shore to celebrate the release of Hoppy Stout, on March 30 (7:00PM).

Hoppy Stout is the eighth beer in Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s Project Hoppiness.


The Nutty Irishman
Declan Quinns :: Surprise Firkin
The Cortland :: Firkin of Canard Noir
Changing Times American Bar & Grille
T.J. Finley’s :: Release of Hoppy Stout

Description of Hoppy Stout:

When we launched Project Hoppiness more than a year ago, we knew a hoppy stout would be part of the series. Early in the project we tasted a lot of beers, searching for inspiration. One of our clear favorites was one of the original West Coast hoppy stouts.

Now with seven Project Hoppiness beers under our belts, the time has come for us to release our own hoppy stout. Brewed with 7 different malts, 4 hop varieties with five separate hop additions, Project Hoppiness 8: Hoppy Stout, is both roasty and hoppy. With a dry finish and complex flavor profile this beer is the perfect alternative to the flood of the lighter spring beers. ABV: 6.00% IBU: 60+

Project Hoppiness

Black IPA
Belgian IPA
Ahtamatic IPA
English IPA
Citrus IPA
Other Side IPA
Hoppy Stout

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