Nada’s Notes April 2012

*two of us riding nowhere
spending someone’s
hard earned pay
you and me sunday driving
not arriving
on our way back home…

it is the first day of spring on my happy little dead end. the kids across the street are letting bubbles into the air. one intrepid little guy is learning how to rollerblade. birds are chirping, i’ve got a pint of cherry garcia ice cream and even the dog is chilling out on the front porch of our tucked away corner. i have to admit, i’ve been holding out for an unexpected winter hoorah—who doesn’t love a snowstorm—but i think i can make my peace with spring finding its way to our doorstep.

there’s so much to do, just getting into the car and taking a road trip across our sandbar makes for a great afternoon. you don’t need us to tell you how beautiful the scenery is, but if you’re looking to find the best spots to wind up at, our spring fling has got you covered. greenport, montauk, gold coast and the newly named gold belt (ok, we made that up) all make for great destinations. pick the one that’s farthest away and go. you’ll want to look good when you get there, so a little spring shopping is probably in order. retail therapy and shade shifters, our fashion pages, highlight the trends women will love this season. for the guys who want to keep up, stuff men want is, well, it’s exactly that. you’ll also find details on our spring fashion show at mint (garden city) in this issue or, check

we know this is often the month when you’re thinking about sprucing up your homes—aka “nesting.” before you begin any renovations, spend a minute with contractor confessions. tom mirabella, pulse’s home411 columnist, got the skinny from the professionals who regularly live through nightmares so you don’t have to. for house hunters (and voyeurs) extraordinary estates profiles five fabulous homes on the market. if you’re thinking about a décor project, you’ll love our defining design segment, which identifies some key styles and how to piece them together. best of all, it is the companion to our inaugural designer showcase. this special section is like the “who’s who” of the island’s leading designers and retailers that can make your dream a reality. wild card: if you’re interested in nesting in the avian sort of way, check out our zoom this month.

it’s a good time to be between the times & the tides—just ask lee ranaldo, the sonic youth veteran (and long islander). he just released his latest solo project and our yeoman music writer, drew moss, caught up with him to discuss not only this lp, but also other music that comfortably straddles the mainstream and fringe. jim dine (yes, you know who he is) is coming to nassau county museum and steve miller (not that one) has a show mounted at hampton hang gallery that is equal parts art and science (think: enlightenment). southampton’s parrish museum is putting on a very exciting show, too. if you go, you’ll find out what SoCal is. and, to give you something you can do all by yourself, without having to go out, buy tickets or be late for your date, my usual poetry in vision column is substituted with poetry showers. this collection of verses by long island poets honors national poetry month—don’t worry, award-winning photographer lynn spinnato stayed on to lend her talents to the segment.

with all this going on, it’s no wonder some feel long island should secede and become its own state. the question is: is it true? find out in the state of long island. as for me, maybe there’s only one thing left for me to do: issue a snow day (or spring day) for the office so we can get out there and experience it.

you and i have memories…


*two of us, the beatles

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.