Rejuvenating Facials for Spring

If your beauty routine needs to be revamped, one of the best places to start is with a facial. According to Sara Greenblatt of Sensational Facials in Miller Place, Dermalogica Age Smart is the perfect product for transitioning out of the winter months when skin is dry and lackluster. This mild facial peel, using lactic acid, eliminates any dead skin cells and gives your skin an unmistakable glow. “It’s probably the most popular facial I do here,” says Greenblatt, who has been in business since 2010. She suggests clients come in for one treatment every six weeks (six treatments total, $90 each) and while she knows it’s a bit pricey, Greenblatt insists the results are well worth it. “Everyone loves it. It plumps up your skin, minimizes fine lines and helps prevent wrinkles.”

After makeup is removed and your face is cleansed and toned, Greenblatt will analyze your skin to make certain you’re a candidate for the treatment—the lactic acid and steam can cause discomfort if you have rosacea or really sensitive skin. If you’re good to go, she’ll massage your face and apply the lactic acid in quick circular motions—the more friction, the less you’ll feel the tingle. Greenblatt says she keeps a close eye on her clients since the acid can be uncomfortable. For the initiated, it’s left on the skin for only five to seven minutes, but for newbies, she keeps the application down to only a couple of minutes. The acid is removed with a special cleansing gel, the skin is toned and a vitamin-packed calming mask is applied to reduce redness.

You’ll also get a scalp or hand massage before Greenblatt applies an eye treatment and moisturizer to finish.

Spring is a great time to begin a facial regimen, says esthetician Elaine Bezold, co-owner of The Spa at Red Hots in Roslyn. “It’s all about renewal, so we always recommend a great deep-cleansing facial to start the season right.” A good cleansing and exfoliation are essential to maintaining great skin, and should be followed by steaming and extractions to remove any blackheads. “To get a deep skin polishing,” says Bezold, “we recommend a microdermabrasion—or for sensitive skin, a light peel add-on to the facial to shed the dull, winter skin layer and leave behind a healthy, polished glow. If you really want to plump things up, we recommend an oxygen blast, which infuses hyaluronic acid and pure (medical-grade) oxygen into skin.”

Microdermabrasion removes the sun-damaged and dead skin found in the upper layer. This smooths and refines the surface, achieving a younger, more refreshed appearance. It also allows the skin to better take in nutrients and moisture. Adding hyaluronic acid and oxygen to your facial treatment will plump your freshly-polished skin by allowing it to retain more water molecules, says Bezold. This will also replenish and soothe your skin naturally, while encouraging cell regeneration. “As we age, the micro capillaries degenerate and our skin does not receive the nourishment it needs, causing collagen and elastin production to slow. In turn, uneven skin tone, fine lines, discoloration and wrinkles begin to appear. Sun exposure, pollution, extreme hot and cold temperatures, alcohol, medication, poor diet, weight fluctuations and stress all speed the aging of your skin.”

This is the season to discover your radiance. Rejuvenating facials won’t be able to stop Father Time, but with a little effort, you might keep him at bay.???