Spring Fling 2012

First thing’s first: EAT.
Regardless of which end you start on, a great venue waits on the other side. Get in the car, take in the scenery and go—the ride is part of the fun. Just make sure you call ahead so your table is waiting.

Plan a weekend, long day or just a quick jaunt to this end for an artsy, farm fresh experience. Stroll the historic streets and find the perfect venue for every meal.

Unapologetically beyond the Hamptons, “The End” is also a beginning, with lots to offer by way of idling away an afternoon, evening or weekend.

Gold Belt
Tucked just below the famous “coast,” we’re renaming the central Nassau area to give it its due, thanks in no small part to the terrific foodies planting their flags here.

Gold Coast
Storied for the legacy set forth by early 20th century Captains of Industry, our North Shore’s western corner is where you’ll find an upscale evening in one of our splashier villages.

Next: Party
Hosting a party is a way to get your favorite people together on your own terms. Make a list, check it twice and send those invites out. Whatever the reason for the gathering, consider this your quick-reference entertaining go-to.

Do you have to be told to host a party? It’s not about being your turn, it’s about not having to drive home afterward.

Best of All: Play
The weather is warming and thawing social calendars. Check this collection of happenings for the events, nightlife and activities you won’t want to miss. Yes, some are even family-friendly.

You work hard. It’s now time to pack away the boots and heavy jackets, dust off your lightweight outerwear and get out there and Play Hard.

Insider Tips from an Open Mic Junkie
Long Island is a haven for open mic nights, and the scene is actually a lot more close-knit and friendly than anything you can find in the city.

Drink and Run
It’s a sin to drink and run, but if you’re going to do it, it takes taste and style to pull off.

Always: Repeat