Long Ireland Beer Company, Mecox Dairy Farm Create Long Ireland Sunrise (04/07)


Long Ireland Beer Company
817 Pulaski Street
Riverhead, NY 11901
(631) 403 – 4303

Long Ireland Beer Company and Mecox Bay Dairy release Long Ireland Sunrise, a tomme-style cheese washed in Breakfast Stout, on April 07 (03:00PM).

Mark Cassin, proprietor of The Big Cheese, and apprentice cheesemaker at Mecox Bay Dairy, described Long Ireland Sunrise as a “semi-soft, creamy, smooth, and slightly mushroomy cheese, with hints of coffee near the rind.”

“There are times when a beer-washed cheese pairs better with an entirely different beer, but Long Ireland Sunrise paired with Breakfast Stout was great,” added Cassin.

Description of Breakfast Stout:

It is a low alcohol, sweet and smooth stout. It is balanced with the addition of Kenyan coffee to the finished beer which gives it a nice roasted flavor. This beer is loaded with flaked oats and milk sugar that gives it that cream and coffee breakfast taste. It is 3.5% a.b.v and 30 ibu’s.