Great South Bay Brewery Wheatamelon Watermelon Wheat Bottle Release, Description (04/19)


Great South Bay Brewery
2309 Union Boulevard
Bay Shore, NY 11706
(631) 392 – 8472

Great South Bay Brewery bottle-releases Wheatamelon Watermelon Wheat, the seventh beer from the Bay Shore-based brewery’s Tasting Room Exclusive Brew Series, on April 19 (3:00PM).

According to Phil Ebel, director of sales and operations, “about 325 sixteen-ounce bottles were produced.”

Description of Wheatamelon Watermelon Wheat:

Originally brewed when our Head Brewer Greg Maisch was still a home brewer. This is one of the beers that helped start it all here at GSB. Rick and Greg got together over a few bottles of this tasty brew and began work on turning Great South Bay from a dream into the reality is it today.

Wheatamelon starts with a base recipe of an American Wheat Ale and is transformed by the addition of freshly cut watermelon. No artificial flavorings or frozen concentrates were used in the brewing of this refreshingly light and drinkable beer, only the finest watermelons that we could get our hands on! You may have tried a Watermelon Wheat in the past, but you’ve never tried one quite like ours. What better way to celebrate the arrival of sunny skies and warm weather then with a nice cold glass of Wheatamelon!

Style: Watermelon American Wheat Ale
Color: 2.4 SRM
Alcohol by Volume: 4.50%
Bitterness: 11 IBU
Grains: Malted Wheat, German Pilsner Malt
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfruh

Wheatamelon Watermelon Wheat is Great South Bay Brewery’s fourth bottle production. Snozberry Stout, a 4.20% ABV milk stout brewed with 105% fresh Snozberries, was released on March 29.

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