From the U.K to New York: Snow Patrol at Terminal 5

Snow Patrol performed on April 13th at Terminal 5 in Manhattan in support of the group’s brilliant new album Fallen Empires (Island/Fiction). The group’s lineup is expanded and they sound even better than they did on their last tour. Surprisingly, the group’s newest album received mixed reviews. What the critics don’t like about the album is unclear to me. There are at least three songs with hit potential: “Called Out In The Dark,” “This Isn’t Everything You Are” and the heartfelt “Lifening.” There is also lots of anthemic rock fans of U2 and Coldplay will love. “New York,” from the new album also thrilled the crowd. Lead singer Gary Lightbody said it was the first time the group would be playing the song live in New York. They also played such favorites as “Chasing Cars,” “Crack the Shutters” and “Just Say Yes.”

Although Terminal 5 is a fairly big club, it’s hard to believe the band is still playing such a moderate sized venue and charging such a reasonable price for tickets.