Here Comes the Son—James McCartney in Amityville

James McCartney will begin his North American tour on May 11th at Ollie’s Point in Amityville. The son of Paul McCartney recently released the two-CD set The Complete EP Collection (Engine Company/MaybeNot). Disc One, originally released as Available Light includes three bonus tracks. There is one cover: a wonderful reworking of Neil Young’s “Old Man.” Disc two originally released as Close At Hand, includes two bonus tracks. There is also a cover: Carl Perkins’s “Your True Love.” The album is produced by veteran producer David Kahne and Paul McCartney.

This collection boasts excellent songs and a tight rock sound. Engine Company is located in New York and although the recording sessions took place in England and New York, there is a New York sensibility to the music. While there are a few keyboard, acoustic guitar and 50s rock echoes of his dad’s work, the most discernable influence might be tri-state based Richard Barone or his band the Bongos.

This is timeless rock music and very original. It will be great to hear these songs played live and future recording will be welcomed.