If you stick around the fitness world long enough, you’ll encounter your fair share of hybrids—from power yoga to karate aerobics and beyond. Piloxing, however, I didn’t see coming.

Pilates and boxing? Really?

“Piloxing is an incredible workout that incorporates Pilates and boxing, then sprinkles in some fun and sexy dance moves,” explains Ellen Nalaboff, founder of Ellen’s Fitness Studio in Plainview. “Pilates brings the flexibility and core aspect to the workout and blends it with the speed, sculpting and agility of boxing. The exercise incorporates the use of weighted gloves, which really challenges the arms and back while maximizing the cardiovascular system.”

To follow, Ellen breaks down four Piloxing moves to get you started:

Coupe Crunch To Overhead Reach
While standing on your left leg, bring your right knee curling into a crunch, at the same time bringing elbows to knees. This activates the abdominals. Take that same (right) leg and step back, placing the weight on the right. Point the left foot and take a small step forward while stretching your arms up to the ceiling and back (for spinal extension).

Drive The Car
This one starts in a dance position called a plié (knees bent in opposite directions with your back straight). Hold the plié and isolate the upper body by placing your hands at 10 and 2 o’clock positions, moving side to side as if driving a car.

Speed Bag Passé
Another dance move is used here. Punch as if you were hitting a speed bag in boxing while holding a plié. Then add a passé (left leg to knee and back to floor). Go slowly at first and then pick up speed before stopping to hold for balance.

Raise The Roof
Done in a left leg plié while pressing your arms overhead—as if pushing up an imaginary ceiling—tap your right foot sideways and back.

All of the above moves are executed while wearing weighted gloves and performed for both sides of the body.

Final note: The advice presented above is not meant for anyone with contraindicated health problems. Please consult a medical or fitness professional.

To learn more about Ellen Nalaboff and Piloxing, visit http://www.ellensfitness.com.