Drinkology May 2011

Caipiroska Cocktail
A fruity, vodka-based twist on the classic Brazilian caipirinha, this is the ultimate poolside refreshment, especially since most Americans don’t have cachaça (the standard liquor for making caipirinhas) lying around the house. For best results, forage your local farm stand or farmers market for the choicest strawberries, or pick them yourself.

Ingredients (serves two)
4-5oz premium vodka
1 lime cut into wedges
8 hulled strawberries (cut 6 into small pieces)
1 tbsp sugar
1/3 cup sour mix
Cracked pepper

Muddle (mash up) sugar, ½ lime wedges and chopped strawberries with vodka and sour mix in cocktail shaker, then strain over ice in two 8oz glasses. Add seltzer to fill each glass. Grind pepper on top (optional) and garnish with your choice of fruit using remaining limes and strawberries. Serve. Refresh. Repeat.