Top Doctors 2012 – Michael Weber, MD

Michael Weber, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease

St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center
50 Route 25A
Smithtown, NY

Cardiac electrophysiologist (EP) Michael Weber, MD says the most rewarding part of his specialty is the long term and life altering positive effects his patients experience after an EP procedure. Focusing on abnormal heart rhythms, Dr. Weber’s work is designed to give his patients a normal life. Whether he’s using pacemakers to help weak hearts beat stronger or surgeries that prevent palpitations, he understands that each patient presents a different set of symptoms and medical history, and they may initially be frightened by the prospect of an EP procedure. “I take great pride in the relationships I have established and always take the time to explain the complex workings of the heart and the intervention I feel would be most appropriate, in straightforward language,” Dr. Weber says, noting that he often creates drawings to better communicate with patients.

His practice at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center uniquely combines a small office feel with a major medical center’s level of care. Through close relationships with every major hospital in the area, including St. Francis Hospital, Dr. Weber uses the newest technology and advancements available in the field of EP. But the office remains a friendly, non-intimidating environment—and if patients call Dr. Weber for help, he will be the one to respond.