La Nouvelle Bière: Spider Bite Beer Company Eight Legged RyePA


Creation: Eight Legged RyePA

Creator: Spider Bite Beer Company

Date of Birth: 04/25/12


Description: Eight Legged RyePA is an American-style IPA, but we left out the crystal malts and replaced it with 30% rye malt. This lightens the overall appearance and body while giving a touch of rye spice to the finish. Packed with hops you will immediately notice the grapefruit and citrus aromas and flavors. 7.00% ABV and 55 IBU.

Purchase Location: Lake Ronkonoma Beverage

Super Neat Three-Word Feelings: Citrus. Grainspice. Fressshh.

niko krommydas

Niko Krommydas has written for Tasting Table, BeerAdvocate, Munchies, and First We Feast. He is editor of Craft Beer New York, an app for the iPhone, and a columnist for Yankee Brew News. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.