Breathe Carolina for Free at the Studio at Webster Hall

Here’s to you, glorify my darlings
Are you satisfied?
Here’s to you, criticize my darlings
Are you satisfied?

—From “Hello Fascination” by Breathe Carolina

You may have heard the song “Hello Fascination” in an NBC promo for “30 Rock” or on MTV’s “The Hills,” but Colorado-based duo Breathe Carolina, who grew up listening to alternative rock, began recording music “just for fun” at home with GarageBand in 2007. After their first dance-oriented screamo full-length was released in 2008, the duo followed it up with an actual studio record, “Hello Fascination,” a darker mix of heavy rock-tinged electropop. And “Blackout,” the first single off of 2011’s “Hell is What You Make it,” is now Platinum.

David Schmitt (lead vocals/drums/keys/guitars/programming) and Kyle Even (unclean vocals/keys/programming/guitars/bass) brought their touring bandmates into the writing and recording process this time, which helped prevent writer’s block and brought them closer together.

“All of our personal hells reside from what we’ve done,” notes Even. “Focus your energy on what you will do, rather than dwell on the past, and how you can change your hell from dark to light. That’s the whole meaning of this record.”

Named after a dream Schmitt had when he was 14, Breathe Carolina signed with Columbia Records last year. The duo have since been recording new tracks, and in celebration of their first new single, “Hit and Run” (to be released on May 22nd) the band just decided to play a free fan show on Thursday, May 17th at the Studio at Webster Hall in Manhattan. If you’re one of the first 250 people in line, you can gain entrance to the show– doors open at 8pm.

So check out Breathe Carolina before they headline this summer’s Warped Tour, and if they play any covers, listen for the BC Twist– when they put their own spin, or flavor on a song, and take it in an unexpected direction.

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