Music Joints June 2012

Tiger Lily Café
(631) 476-7080, Port Jefferson

If you tell anyone in Suffolk County that you’re a vegetarian, they will immediately and compulsively order you to eat at Tiger Lily Café (I’m not making this up—try it). Maybe it’s some sort of hypnotic suggestion cooked into their wraps—who can say? Whatever your reason for going, the food is really good and they feature local art (as well as local music at their Acoustic Sunday Sessions).

(631) 447-7744, Patchogue

Blues, beer and barbecue. That sums it up. During the day, Bobbique could pass for a family barbecue restaurant, but after 7 or 8pm on any given evening, it’s not shy about the volume on various smokin’ live blues and rock acts.

Vibe Lounge
(516) 208-6590, Rockville Centre

Remember music clubs? They’re like these big bars where people go just to hear music played by actual people on a stage. They don’t even have a TV with a baseball game on. It’s kinda weird. Anyway, Vibe Lounge is one of those places. Tons of local bands and open mic on Mondays.

The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall
(631) 727-5782, Riverhead

Step into this restored Victorian-era theater and you may wonder if well-dressed ghosts are looking out at you through fancy opera glasses. The Vail-Leavitt is a beautiful, moody centerpiece of Riverhead’s music scene. In addition to giving voice to local original and teen acts in monthly showcases, this nonprofit organization produces the Riverhead Blues Festival each year.

rorie kelly

Rorie Kelly is a singer/songwriter from various parts of Long Island. She recently released her debut CD called "Wish Upon a Bottlecap." Rorie and her band play regularly in NYC and on the island. Please visit for more information and pretty songs.