Get your dose of Collective Soul at the Paramount Theater

Why follow me to higher ground?
Lost as you swear I am
Don’t throw away your basic needs
Ambiance and vanity

—From “December” by Collective Soul

Some may remember Collective Soul as the early nineties post-grunge band with the hit song, “Shine.” Others may recall rock/Top 40 crossover hits like “December,” “Gel,” and “Heavy.” And “Twilight” fans may know the Georgia-based quintet from “Tremble for my Beloved,” which was featured on the movie’s soundtrack. But the original version of “Tremble for my Beloved” appeared on 1999’s “Dosage,” which will be played in its entirety when Collective Soul hits the stage on Friday, May 25th at the Paramount.

“We all love that album and wanted to change things up a bit for this tour,” notes bassist Will Turpin. “It was a great time for us, and musically we really came together on that album and discovered who we are as a band. It’s also really cool because for some of the songs, we have never played them live, so it challenges us as well.”

Aside from playing “Dosage” from start to finish, the group will be playing hits from their other seven records, along with premiering some songs off of their forthcoming studio album. After 20-years together, Collective Soul has quite a catalog to choose from, and their music is still hard to classify.

“We fit into the rock genre, but we’ve always been an extremely eclectic band,” says Turpin. “Nobody’s been able to peg Collective Soul’s sound. We have so many different styles that we lend from, and I think that will continue in our new music as well. We’re funky, we’re rock, and we’re laid back. We’re all of those things.”

CS will play for 2 hours on Friday night at the Paramount in Huntington. For VIP tickets, which include a meet and greet and a photo with the band among other things, go to:

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