WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays June 2012

June selections for 92.9 and 96.9 WEHM New Release Tuesdays (airing every Tuesday from 9-10pm) reveal the range of modern alternative rock.

Brandi Carlile maintains her place as a top alt-country/folk-rock practitioner with the longplayer Bear Creek and the track “That Wasn’t Me.” Her voice ranges from gentle coo to full-on blues/gospel shout, and the choral background vocals are revelatory.

“Godmother of Punk” Patti Smith adds to her body of work with the album Banga and the song “April Fool.” She keeps it mellow, with an almost U2-esque atmosphere to the tune, but her poetic lyrics and passionate delivery are still in evidence.

Alt-country singer-songwriter Rhett Miller continues his solo success on The Dreamer and the lead single “Out of Love.” It is a mournful, minor key dirge with world-weary pained vocals that nevertheless maintains a propulsive rock/pop feel.