Hot Commodities June 2012

Fresh Start
Certainly you’ve heard about “bringing the outdoors in” and vice versa. Throw pillows are the simple answer when wondering “how to.” These easy accessories can give a facelift to any couch, hammock, ship’s bow or swing. Using exotic textiles—like fine kilims, which have been taking center stage in home décor—will add an unpredictable twist to your home. The tight weaves and quirky patterns of these artisan handicrafts inject an inviting feeling into a space, while also lending a sense of history and intimacy. Find these featured cushions among the 200 varieties carried by Custom Cool (Quogue). Each creation is entirely handmade and composed of only the finest materials. Best of all, each piece is created in Kashmir to the highest ethical standards possible, using no child labor. 631.996.2900,