Modular Homes

Modular homes—houses built section by section in a factory, often at a quicker pace than traditional homes—offer many advantages to homeowners. On average, modular homes are completed within six to eight weeks, which can lead to significant savings in labor and construction costs. The amount of building material spent is often reduced as waste and theft are greatly minimized with indoor building and factory supervision. The factory model is more closely monitored, so labor is more effective and economical, resulting in a better constructed, cheaper and more energy efficient home.

Modular home companies offer considerable design flexibility today, with house plans catering to most tastes. Ranch, split-level, two-story construction, even expansions are possible with modular homes. Common modular additions include family rooms, kitchens and sun rooms. Just as with traditional stick building, the design stage of modular construction consists of customizing floor plans, producing drawings and specifying materials. The home sections are created in a manufacturer’s facility, then delivered to their final destination and assembled on site.

To further explore modular options, it is important to find a reputable builder who is comfortable building modular homes. Those with experience have relationships with one or more modular home manufacturers. They should be able to show you available designs, and have the imagination and experience to enhance or modify a template to meet your specific interests and preferences. S/he should also know how to match the build with your particular site.

For financing a modular home, you should find the same options available as you would for a traditional stick-frame construction. You can apply for an FHA loan, mortgage or VA loan. When you buy and build a modular home, you can finance the purchase with a construction loan, which can be converted into a conventional mortgage after you take possession of the home.

If you decide to build a modular home, you will find the process and results have much in common with a traditional stick-built home, including budget, location, financing, design and style. By carefully selecting a modular homebuilder and an appropriate design, you may discover that the unique benefits of modular building, including the speed and quality of construction, make it the best choice for you.