Summer Harvest Schedule

Asparagus May 1 – June 25
How to select: Thickness according to preference. Firm and straight. Tightly closed tips.
How to store: For up to two days, stand in a dish of water and cover with plastic bag in the fridge.

Broccoli Late June – November
How to select: Color should be a deep green with strong stem and stalks.
How to store: In fridge up to seven days. Keep dry.

Peas Mid June – July
How to select: Pods should be smooth, firm and green.
How to store: Best when cooked right after purchase, or shell and freeze immediately.

Peppers Mid July – November
How to select: Deep, vibrant colors and stiff skin.
How to store: In fridge veggie compartment up to seven days. Add damp paper towel to retain moisture.

Spinach Early May – June 30, August – October
How to select: Leaves should be crisp, fragrant and deep green.
How to store: Do not wash before storing. Put in plastic bag in fridge for up to five days.

Squash Late June – October
How to select: Glossy, unblemished skin, heavy for their size.
How to store: Airtight container in fridge up to seven days.

Tomatoes Early July – October
How to select: Bright colors, smooth skin and fragrant.
How to store: Store at room temperature. Freeze whole or chopped for later use.

Carrots Mid July – December
How to select: Firm and straight, deep orange color with leafy tops attached.
How to store: Will keep for up to two weeks in fridge.

Potatoes Mid June – October
How to select: Free of plastic bag, firm and blemish free.
How to store: Dark, cool, dry place for weeks.

Cucumbers Early July – September
How to select: Very firm, medium to dark green
How to store: Store in fridge for a couple of days. Best eaten right away.

Cabbage Early June – December
How to select: Compact, firm heads with strong leaves.
How to store: In plastic bag in fridge crisper for up to two weeks.

Celery Mid July – mid November
How to select: Firm, crisp, well shaped, light green.
How to store: Sealed container or bag in fridge to prevent wilting.

Eggplant July – October
How to select: How to select: Small, immature are best. Smooth skin and vibrant color.
How to store: Very perishable. Place in fridge crisper up to three or four days.

Cauliflower July – November
How to select: Creamy white and spotless with compact bud clusters.
How to store: Stem side down in fridge up to seven days.