Long Island Creative Vortex

Sound Beach
Es. 2010

At First Glance
If you’ve ever wondered how multiple and differing personalities can manage to put aside their personal motivations (and egos) to create something larger than themselves, then a Long Island Creative Vortex event is something you should experience. Established in 2010, the collective began as a single creative experiment headed by several artists from Suffolk County, but has since become a regular vehicle for events involving artists, musicians and spectators who often create art together. The group’s goal is to bring this concept of collaborative painting to venues across the Island in a project dubbed, Shifting Reality.

On Curating
Eric Hurnyak, co-founder of Long Island Creative Vortex, believes strongly in the idea that LICV’s projects include not just artists, but the general public. At their events, “Everyone is invited to bring what they do to the table,” Hurnyak says, “whether it is art, music, discussion or just being a part of the experience, the sense of unity [brings] a flow of energy that bonds everything together. We work with a variety of creative mediums at our events, from visual to auditory, to create a total sensory experience.”

On Collaborating
Collaboration is an integral part of LICV, since their Shifting Reality project dominates their efforts. Member Terry Falquero initially found the process an important step in “learning to loosen up my artwork and be in the moment.” Ultimately, she says, “The collaborative process became informal discussions of sharing our motivations. Each space created a unique experience and atmosphere bringing the founding group closer.” The Shifting Reality project has also allowed LICV to paint with other art collectives and groups made up of visual artists and musicians.


Words: Erica-Lynn Huberty | Photos: Rick Wenner