Nada’s Notes July/August 2012

*this one’s for all the artists and musicians:

*gettin’ robbed
gettin’ stoned
gettin’ beat up
broken boned
gettin’ had
gettin’ took
i tell you folks
it’s harder than it looks

i’m not one for sentimentality, but you’d be right to guess an anniversary issue takes me back to 2005 when we started this thing. before facebook took over our lives. before the recession. before anything got “occupied.” our collective conscience has changed a lot in these seven years, and so has this magazine. and yet, we’ve not changed very much at all. ¶ we’ve collected many fond memories over the years, some even got us bragging rights (we were way ahead of the curve on the craft beer thing). we’ve had some pretty big stories, exciting partnerships with our advertisers (we were one of the first media in the country to harness QR programs), moments of praise and fun (party, anyone?). but really, it all begins and ends with the laughs. our internal dialogue has always been focused on celebrating the best our fair island has to offer and let’s face it, that’s not a bad day’s work. thank you for the continued inspiration.

it’s also my favorite issue because it’s the time i make studio visits to some of long island’s most compelling artists. working artists who are doing something extraordinary, something a little different, something honest and true. these individuals are imaginaries of the visual arts—you might consider them artists’ artists. so we get this list of names and information and i get to enjoy early summer afternoons checking out their work and spending time with them to find out what makes them tick. not every nomination makes the cut, but those who do are named as our artist vips.

on the music side of this double-headed issue we have an exciting lineup of interviews with the acts playing our region this summer. locals nancy atlas and jeff leblanc are making waves at venues ranging from amagansett’s famed the stephen talkhouse to great south bay music festival. the latter is picking up steam, drawing bigger acts (and bigger crowds) every summer. alan semerdjian’s preview of the festival, along with some poetic musings, is also part of our lineup. and of course, there’s our cover story on coldplay. pulse’s long-timer steve matteo caught up with the superstars to discuss their work, their tour and producer brian eno, the unofficial new member of their band.

if you’re looking for a break from your backyard bbq variety of beef patty, look no further than 24hr burger exploration by niko krommydas. the highlights from this man’s adventure will more than inspire your cravings. you might go downright mad trying to root them out yourself. as well, our drew moss caught up with romeo tirone, the local boy making good in hollywood behind the shows dexter and true blood. a special look at five compelling artist collectives in collective benefit, our exclusive guide to the best in restaurants, beaches and events in high weekends in the hamptons and of course, our fashion spread and dining pages will all give your social agenda a little boost this summer.

*it’s a long way to the top
if you wanna rock ‘n roll,


*“it’s a long way to the top,” lucinda williams covering AC/DC

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.