Long Island Festivals: The “Starts With G” Edition Great South Bay and GenreClash

If you’ve got eyes and ears you’ve already heard about the Great South Bay Music Festival. For many, long island music in the summer begins and ends with GSB. National names like moe. and Martin Sexton play on the same stage as local favorites like Miles to Dayton, Jack’s Waterfall and Kerry Kearney. An emerging artists stage and a separate kids’ music stage complete the mix for three full days of music (Friday 7/13-Sunday 7/15). Go check out the festival website to see when your favorite band is playing.

…Unless your favorite band is playing at GenreClash. GenreClash is an annual festival celebrating live original music from all corners: hip hop, jazz, experimental, folk, electronica, punk, rock (et cetera). In addition to 12 hours of music (the festival is Saturday from noon to midnight) a plethora of artists will be displaying their work and an afterparty will feature 4 DJs. GenreClash is at Ollie’s Point/Revolution. You can RSVP or get more details on Facebook.

If you’re like me you might have trouble choosing between Long Island’s biggest music festival full of artists you know and love, and a big crazy “let’s all color outside the lines” artmusiclovefest like GenreClash. The good news is you don’t have to. GenreClash lasts for 12 hours (16 if you count the afterparty) and Great South Bay lasts for three days. You can go to both. Just party responsibly if you’re driving back and forth between Amityville and Patchogue, please.

rorie kelly

Rorie Kelly is a singer/songwriter from various parts of Long Island. She recently released her debut CD called "Wish Upon a Bottlecap." Rorie and her band play regularly in NYC and on the island. Please visit roriekelly.com for more information and pretty songs.