Brick+Mortar hit the Bowery and Pomegranates visit Mercury in July

Heatstroke yellow, Maybe strawberry blue

The strongest thing I ever felt was feelings for you

–From “Heatstroke” – Brick + Mortar

Corner of my eye
A lovely place to be
If I saw your face
Behold infinity

—From “Ezekiel” – Pomegranates

Two poetic, innovative bands will play Manhattan this month. The acclaimed indie pop/rock drum and bass duo Brick+Mortar is composed of Jersey natives Brandon Asraf (vocals/bass/guitar) and John Tacon (drums, electronic samples, vocals). Part of the “stronger than ever” Asbury Park music scene, B+M has opened for bands like River City Extension, Jimmy Eat World, and H.R. (Bad Brains). Since releasing a full-length, “7 Years in the Mystic Room,” in 2010, the duo has released driving, energetic singles with an ambient edge like “Heatstroke,” which is about depression:

“‘Heatstroke’ is about being so comfortable with depression that you fall in love with the very thought of it,” notes Asraf. “This will make you lose the things and the people in your life you truly love. I know what that’s like, and I wrote this song to work through it.”


B+M try to inspire the disenchanted by tackling difficult issues and encouraging people to believe in themselves. Catch Asraf and Tacon when they perform Saturday, July 21st at the Bowery Ballroom. And check out the duo’s 3 new tracks from the “Making Moves” series produced by Motion City Soundtrack here: For more info:

The Cincinnati-based Pomegranates have more of a dream pop sound, which can be heard on the band’s latest record,” Heaven.” Songwriting is a collective effort for the talented foursome which boasts two singers- Issac Karns and Joey Cook, who also play guitar, bass and keys; drummer Jacob “Cubby” Merritt, and guitarist/bassist Curt Kiser.


“This record is different from our other discs in that I think we really stretched ourselves to just go with our gut in making a lot of decisions,” reveals Karns. “…There are also some songs that feature instruments or things we’ve never really done– like drum machines and total power-ballads. “[You’ll also find] some of our heaviest moments on this disc.”

While some of the bands heaviest songs might occur on “Heaven,” some of the Pomegranates’ most spiritual themes are also apparent. “I feel like [the spiritual elements have] always been there, but this record feels the most honest for us. We certainly have very strong spiritual beliefs that we live our lives by,” notes Karns, “and I think those just naturally have started to bubble up through what we do.”

Having shared the stage with the likes of Peter, Bjorn and John, Menomena, Spoon and Ra Ra Riot, the Poms are excited to return to NY, bringing their “outer space R&B” to the Mercury Lounge on Friday, July 27th. For more info go to: and

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