Winter in August

Johnny Winter will be headlining the “Rock ‘N’ Blues Fest” at the NYCB Theatre in Westbury on Saturday, August 18th. His brother’s group, the Edgar Winter Band, will also be on the bill. Other acts scheduled to perform include Rick Derringer, Leslie West of Mountain fame and Kim Simmonds of the seminal British blues group Savoy Brown. Johnny Winter is continuing to release a series of live recordings through Friday Music. The most recent release is Live From Tokyo in HD on DVD. Another release from this year is Live Bootleg Series Volume 8 (Limited Edition) on CD. Winter’s current touring band consists of Paul Nelson on guitar, Scott Spray on bass and Vito Liuzzi on drums. There is no doubt the Winter brothers will jam, and with guitar gods Leslie West, Rick Derringer and Kim Simmonds on the bill, an all-star guitar jam seems inevitable.