Papa Doble (or Hemingway Daiquiri)*

In honor of Ernest Hemingway, who first published his Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Old Man and the Sea in the September, 1952 issue of Life magazine, enjoy a Papa Doble this month. The slightly tart double daiquiri was one of Hemingway’s favorite libations while he drank away his days at El Floridita bar in Cuba, the setting of his award-winning novel.

3oz quality white rum
Juice of 2 limes (or 2oz of bottled lime juice)
Juice of half a grapefruit (or 4oz grapefruit juice)
6 drops of maraschino liqueur (or substitute splash of grenadine)

Fill one quarter of blender with shaved ice. Add ingredients and blend until well mixed. Pour into large daiquiri or margarita glass.

If frozen drinks aren’t for you, shake ingredients with ice, then pour over shaved ice or strain into cocktail glass.

Hemingway’s drinking was as legendary as his writing. It is said he once drained 16 huge Papa Dobles in one sitting.

*This recipe (sans substitutions) is from A.E. Hotchner’s Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir, but several versions have surfaced in the decades since the author’s suicide on July 2, 1961.