Craft Beer Phenoms

Blue Point Brewing Company and Southampton Publick House surged the Long Island craft beer scene in the 90s and continue to, ahem, hold it down. The two forebrewers are now joined by a new cadre of beer makers ready to, ahem, hold it down, too.

Barrier Brewing Company

Klein and Frymark, who beer-maked together at Sixpoint Craft Ales in Brooklyn perform 12-hour, quadruple-batch shifts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and also self-distribute to all accounts (three-fourths of their current distribution is west of Oceanside). The latter remains critical to their ethos as the duo’s demand and production increase.
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Blind Bat Brewery

While garages are commonly utilized for automobile storage and arcane methamphetamine laboratories, Paul Dlugokencky, owner of Blind Bat Brewery, has converted his 350-square-foot carport into a one-man brewery, producing residential batches of wood-smoked and farm-inspired beer in limited quantities.
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Great South Bay Brewery

I refuse to reveal why Dr. Rick Sobotka, anesthesiologist and brewmaster of Great South Bay Brewery, was paged by an italicized loudspeaker. Surgery using a Cascade-hopped anesthetic agent? A deathmatch challenge by Neil Patrick Harris for undisputed medical supremacy? You will never know.
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Greenport Harbor Brewing Company

Truth: Greenport Harbor Brewing Company was established in 2009 by John Liegey and Richard Vandenburgh. According to Liegey, the Greenport-based brewery, which operates from a former firehouse and brews Hopnami, a citrusy well-masked IIPA, is “looking for aesthetics in beer, not chasing trends and brewing contrived ideas.”
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Long Ireland Beer Company

Long Ireland Beer Company’s blue-collar core is not a transparent gimmick: Greg Martin and Dan Burke, proprietors of the Riverhead-based brewery, are former oil servicemen with a penchant for quality beer. Thus, when labeled as “beer for construction workers that don’t drink Budweiser,” the Breakfast Stout-producing duo doesn’t necessarily disagree with the classification.
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Port Jeff Brewing Company

Port Jeff Brewing Company, a maritime-themed operation (see: Presentation of its beers via Port Jefferson’s aquatic-tistic culture) launched by Michael Philbrick in October 2011, is the newest in-house production brewery on Long Island, but its tasting room is already pouring growlers seven days per week.
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