Give Good Face

The glamour of the early silver screen is alive and well, at least the look is. To accompany the “anything goes” trend in clothing, the world of beauty is embracing the smoky Hollywood look. It’s polished and clean, but dramatic and beautiful. In the past, this look was reserved for special occasions, but now women are feeling confident enough to wear it on a more regular basis.

It starts with a smoky eyelid defined by dramatic eyeliner. Soft, light pink lips with lots of gloss balance the composite, and a clean, perfectly sculpted brow is definitely recommended. And for those daring enough to go there, false eyelashes make for a final, flirty step. Almost anyone can wear this old Hollywood look and be stunning. The simple beauty flatters nearly any face or eye, regardless of shape and size.

At the boutique, we are noticing an uptick in private makeup classes where women are learning to recreate flawless Hollywood glam shots. No matter which concealer is used first, as always, flawless skin is really the best foundation. This can only be achieved with regular facials and a daily regimen of high quality creams, cleansers and toners. So while the look can be had in a couple of brushstrokes, it takes constant attention to make the statement. It’s important to follow the advice of a trusted esthetician and develop a skincare program that includes microdermabrasion, facials and the new LED photobiostimulation technology. The innovative technology is amazing at correcting many skin issues and much of it can be a replacement for surgery.

One great thing about working in this field is having access to world-class brands and products. This front row seat to seeing where styles are headed inspires me to change my look often and stay ahead of the curve. But my personal go-to look is clean and classic, with hints of the dramatic. That could be light on blush and bronzer, but with heavy black liner, bold mascara (black always) and beautifully striking red lips. I do change it from time to time, depending on where I’m going, the time of day and the season, but this is the look I can count on most. When I’m really feeling daring, my favorite rule to break is having a very dramatic and smoky eye along with a bold lip and lip-gloss. Usually one or the other is the focal point, but with the right combination of tools, the sky is the limit.

Rachel Finnegan

Rachel Finnegan has been in the world of makeup and skincare for 20 years. As a sought-after makeup artist in New York City, she has worked on countless fashion print ads and television commercials for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. In 2005 Rachel and her husband Michael cofounded R. J. West New York. At this Huntington Village beauty boutique, clients have access to a combination of the most luxurious makeup and skincare brands.. And yes, they offer both group and individual makeup classes.