Nada’s Notes September 2012

*the boy in the bright blue jeans
jumped up on the stage
and lady stardust sang his songs
of darkness and disgrace
and he was alright, the band was altogether
yes he was alright, the song went on forever
and he was awful nice
really quite out of sight

fashion, humankind’s most elusive form of expression, is like a mythical beast. he flits about, sprinkling his pixie dust (sometimes too heavily), seducing anyone left in his wake. fashion is a juggernaut—whether you’re trying to get at it, or get away from it, you are responding to it.

in his spirit, fashion is about fantasy, which is a lot different than just wearing clothes. in more immediate terms, fashion is a language. and you’re using it to signal your mood to the world. what you’re telling them amounts to your style. forgive the nerdy grammarian analogy, but style is to fashion as vernacular is to language. the good news is, in the parlance of our fashion times, anything goes. you can mismatch in the worst of ways and be applauded for it. you can rock yellow from head to toe and still be applauded (even if you’re a man). because fashion is fashion, but style is a whole other thing.

style is why rihanna has become a maven, the dude wears jellies, anna wintour hasn’t changed her hair in decades, michelle obama made pragmatism a trend, and they are all valid. they fit right in there, in their respective times and places. but there is a tie that binds: the pieces they don are the elements of their individual lexicons. and they are voicing their thoughts simply, clearly and without apology. their styles are a reflection of their personalities. you may not know them, or like them, or care, but you can identify a sense of self about them and respect it.

i could wax on about all the exciting things happening in fashion right now. but you’ll turn this page and see them for yourself in the editorial we’ve collected for this issue. i could profess to tell you all about “thee shoe” you have to have this season, but that’s not really the point. what makes this the definitive fall fashion issue is the collection of stories, photography and layouts that show you where to get the things you love, right here, right now just a few exits down the LIE (sorry, no jellies). our september issue is a look at this ever-shifting fantastical ground of trends, tastes and styles. things we think you’ll love, over and over again, brought to you by the tastemakers who do it best. more than that, our fashion issue is about discovering your sense of style—or reinventing it, or refining it—and rocking it with no apologies.

and when you’ve settled on the statement you can’t wait to make, join us september 13 for big night long island. this is the definitive fashion night of the year, featuring a trunk show, shopping event and nyc’s top models sashaying our runway decked in fall’s newest looks. long island pulse is thrilled to present BNLI to give you a taste of fashion week, right here (details are on page 20). see you there!

*really quite paradise,
and he sang all night long,


*“lady stardust,” david bowie

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.