Dry Shampoo

I generally wash my hair every other day. I’m on the side of those who believe daily washing removes the natural oils that keep our hair shiny and healthy. But every once in a while, I’ll have a bad night and just can’t drag myself out of bed. Which, therefore, leads to less prep time before hitting the road. When this occurs on a “wash day,” I grab a good dry shampoo. But be advised, these aren’t your mother’s dry shampoos.

Simply Smooth Xtend Between Dry Shampoo is infused with a botanically-blended keratin. This is a favorite of mine due to the fresh scent and large, easy-to-use spray container. It not only rids hair of environmental impurities, but it also adds volume, deodorizes and cleanses it of excess oils. It is also recommended to refresh hair during the three-day curing time after the Simply Smooth Original Keratin Treatment. It works on all hair types and is easily found online or in salons. Created by American Culture, the entire Simply Smooth line is available at their The Look Salon in Greenlawn, as well as online. 7oz for about $25.

got2b fat-tastic fresh & full dry shampoo claims it “supports collagen effect,” meaning it provides big, plump hair, and that sure worked for me. I love the line’s fat-tastic mousse for adding volume, and this is the perfect complement to that product on non-wash days. It’s a great choice for those with ultra-oily hair, which can tend to look stringy just hours after washing and blowdrying. A quick, midday application of this spray freshens your entire style. Available in a 4.3oz size at most retail and drug stores for about $6.

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo is applied to roots and left on for about a minute before brushing out. This spray does a straightforward job of absorbing excess oils, freshening your style and neutralizing odors with no worries about powdery residue. It is also a good choice for a midday refresher. This 2oz spray can be found in retail and drug stores for about $7.

Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo is also left on for one minute before brushing. It’s a great option for those of us with thinner hair, as it does double-duty as a volumizer for freshly washed hair. This too, has a great fresh scent and leaves no distinguishable residue. This spray includes, as does the entire line, a variety of certified organic ingredients, such as bamboo to boost hair’s strength and nourishing blue yucca root. About $22 for 4.75oz.

toni munna

Toni Munna is a native Long Islander who is always on the lookout for products that fulfill their promise to firm, hydrate, slim, soothe, de-wrinkle, plump, relax, de-stress, and just generally make you look and feel better. She a firm believer that wellness enhances beauty and has been testing beauty products and reviewing spas for you since the fall of 2006. You can reach her with questions at toni@lipulse.com.