Salon Pro Blowouts

Perhaps one of the most tedious tasks I face each day is the act of blowing out my hair. I have long hair and getting it sleek and smooth can feel like mission impossible. So any break in the grueling routine—like getting my hair blown out professionally—can give my arms a rest and my hair a fresh start. And truth be told, it just feels so indulgent to have it done for you. Blowout “bars” are all the rage in NYC—gals dropping in for regular blowouts has become near ritual. The concept is starting to take shape here on Long Island as well.

Women get salon blowouts for many reasons, ranging from special occasions to “just because,” and the results are often remarkable and long lasting. To ensure shiny and bouncy hair for any occasion, the professional blowout is simply the best way to go and Christine Bonti and Erica Saporito, co-owners of Head Rush Salon in East Hills, agree.

“Every woman knows you can never get it to look as perfect as it does when you leave the hair salon—you come out with a gorgeous blowout and you feel good,” Bonti says. “Blowouts are a relaxing experience. It’s nice to treat yourself every now and then.”

The perfect blowout is Head Rush’s specialty. Women come to the salon on a daily basis just to get a blowout for the workweek. “We live in a time when women are on the go but still want to look good,” says Bonti. “You come in, get a blowout, it looks great and it will continue to look great most of the workweek. For some women, this can save an hour every morning.”

Is it worth the splurge? Sure, we’ve all been treated to the bonus blowout after a service like a cut or color, but would you head to the salon just to have your hair washed, dried and styled? There are many benefits, but the best one is the price. Salon owners in our area are enhancing their menus with “blowout bar” pricing to help women find a place for the service in their beauty routine. Once you start getting regular blowouts, you can’t help but get hooked.

“Blowouts help give that certain shine, along with that certain shape to highlight each client’s face,” says Rolando Cevallos, award-winning master stylist and owner of Paris Salon in St. James, where they focus on lavish pampering and relaxing ambience. “They are less damaging (heat-wise) for the client’s hair versus flat-ironing. Many of our clients get blowouts for weddings and other special events because it gives them fullness and shape, while still looking natural with that extra flair.” Paris Salon charges $35 for a basic blowout without chemicals, but Cevallos says hairbrushes and blow dryers create a better shape for clients and provide a lasting look.

The service at Head Rush can take about 25-30 minutes and includes a wash (using Kérastase and Goldwell products) and a relaxing head massage. You can add a treatment for an additional charge. When you check out, you get a complimentary headband that will keep your blowout from getting messy. The salon boasts a huge blowout clientele and charges $35 for the service. Beginning this fall, clients can buy a monthly membership for monthly blowouts at a discounted price. They also host a fun promotion, “Monday Blows.” While most salons are closed Mondays, Head Rush remains open just for these from 10am to 3pm—and they only cost $25, or $20 if it’s your first.

Big hair is making a comeback, Saporito says, but it all comes down to your personal style and preference. “Some clients will come in and want it pin-straight, but the next week they’ll want it bouncy,” she says. “It all depends on your mood.”

The most popular pick at Head Rush is the Wavy Bounce and the Fuse Blowout (done with a diffuser, for the wavy look). Volume is a must when it comes to your blowout, Cevallos adds, noting it works best for various hair types. “The most popular blowout clients ask for aims toward volume on top and around the face, as well as what some [call] ‘flippy ends.’”

If you do go it alone and heat-style your hair often, Cevallos offers this hot tip: “It is very important that you always keep your hair safe and healthy. Using a thermal heat protector on your hair before applying heat to the hair helps tremendously. A thermal protector coats the hair in order to prevent dry-looking hair and split ends.”

The salon pro blowout is high on my list of beauty services that truly make sense. You can’t help but walk out of the salon feeling fabulous—touching your hair and marveling in the mirror at a job well done and money well spent. My favorite part is the wash and scalp massage, but the whole experience feels lavish, even if the cost is reasonable. The sleek and polished look of a professional blowout can save time and make hair appear effortlessly chic—a little dry shampoo on your roots and the look can last for days.