Stuff Men Want October 2012

Music Man
You’ve seen plenty of iPod docks, and this one is no different. Except for its much smaller footprint and much bigger sound. The Bose SoundDock® Portable music system offers a rechargeable battery for hours of unplugged playtime, works with and charges most iPhones and iPods and the auxiliary output allows it to work with other audio devices. It even comes with a remote and travel case. The sleek unit works in any room in the house and is available for around $400.

Ready for Anything
You know that things are going to break, doors will come loose on their hinges, you may want to build something or someone is going to ask you to hang a curtain rod. And you like it. But not when it’s calling you away from what you really want to be doing. DeWalt 4-Tool 18-Volt Cordless Combo Kit is like having your own crew in a box. The 1/2” compact drill/driver, impact driver with 1,330 in-lbs of torque, pivoting head flashlight and cordless reciprocating saw all fit together and all use the same adapters so you can get almost any job done without having to look for other pieces. As time goes on, this freshman lineup can be upgraded to include additional tools, some also boasting advanced voltage and battery life. Available in most hardware outlets for under $400.

Royal Smoke
Deviant, aren’t you? While much of the world has gone smoke free, you hold fast to your cigars. Especially at home, where a man should do as he pleases. Women fill their spaces with perfume bottles and other stuff, but yours would not be complete without that one spot where you can come home, light up and slow it all down, even if you only indulge once in a while. Matador Cigars brings the cigar club experience to you with Prometheus white bone china ashtray, $60; Montecristo signature lighter, $450 (but this copper and palladium light will last you a lifetime); Montecristo signature series Samurai V-cutter, $50; and Padrón Family Reserve glass block ashtray, $90. These are only a few of the discerning treasures available for purchase along with their extensive line of cigars and other accessories. Visit them in Roslyn Heights and while you’re there, stay for a smoke.

Straight Up
Admit it, most drinks are better chilled to perfection and straight up. The rocks dilute the alcohol and kill the tastes of quality spirits. Enter the Eisch Rapid Cool 12oz decanter. It stores neatly in the freezer to stay chill at a frosty 45 degrees, the exact temperature for cooling drinks in five minutes. That means you come home, pour your poison of choice into the Eisch, get comfortable (light a cigar?), launch the tv and by the time you are back in the kitchen, your beverage is ready. Buy your woman one while you’re at it, we hear it works great on juices and shakes. Available online for $150-$300.

Man’s (Other) Best Friend
None of us has any idea why we are so obsessed with remote controls—maybe there’s something about having the whole world in your hands. The point is after a long day, when you get home it’s time to relax. You want to enjoy temperature control, lighting settings, curtains, video monitoring (for the paranoid types), jacuzzi, stereo et al from the palm of your hand. You’ve been hearing about these “systems of the future.” The good news is the future is now—the Symbiant is the rocket launcher of your dreams. The flat screen panel sits discreetly in the wall so you can turn any room into a monitoring station and the remote has its own docking station to charge as needed. But who wants to keep track of another handheld device? The custom tailored system will also work through an iPhone/iPad app. The system is available through Bri-Tech, in Bohemia, and can handle limitless customization. Installation takes as long as the complexity of the project and the scope of the home.