Socratic Brings Music From its Latest Disc to CMJ Showcase at Sullivan Hall

Indie rock quintet, Socratic, released its first full-length, Lunch for the Sky, on Drive-Thru Records to much acclaim in 2005. And the band recently re-released the record which includes songs featured on MTV, The Hills and MADE. With songs described as “mini rock operas,” Socratic gained a friend in blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, who ended up producing follow-up disc, Spread the Rumors, in 2008. And while Drive-Thru Records folded soon after Spread’s release, Socratic—guitarist/vocalist Duane F. Okun, bassist Lou Panico, drummer Thomas Stratton, pianist Vincent D’Amico and (new edition) guitarist Chris Grzan—were determined to carry-on, having self-produced their latest effort, Socratic (The Album).

The song “The Truth in Lies” off their self-titled disc has been described as “Cliffs Notes for the entire record.”

“My interpretation is that Duane is talking about what it’s currently like just being alive and the thoughts and emotions experienced day to day,” says Stratton. “It’s both downtrodden and hopeful… I like that song a whole lot and, like most of his stuff, can relate to it as if the words were my own.”

Influenced by the likes of Nirvana, the Beatles, My Morning Jacket and blink-182, Socratic has a solid rock foundation with catchy melodies and grand arrangements. “We play modern rock music that has action and emotion,” notes Stratton, “with lyrics that you’d swear are speaking directly to you.”

The Jersey boys have shared the stage with musicians like Motion City Soundtrack, Pete Yorn, Good Old War, Incubus and Long Island’s own, Brand New. They’ll be bringing their energetic show to New York City on Friday, October 19th for a CMJ Showcase at Sullivan Hall with Lily & the Parlour Tricks, The Ugly Club, Mercies and the Jacob Jeffries Band.

“Without hesitation, I can say the most exciting live experiences have been in the past few months since Chris joined up and Vinny came back home,” reveals Stratton. “With this lineup, just going to rehearsal is massively gratifying to me. The other night we played a show at a club in the city with about six people watching… On paper that sounds like a letdown, but we’re in a groove musically, and I couldn’t picture many other things I’d rather be doing that night.”

Look for Socratic next month at Ollie’s Point/Revolution in Amityville on November 25th.
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