Stuff Men Want November 2012

Just Chill
Once called “skiboarding” or “snurfing,” the trendiest mountainside sport today has come a long way since its mid-60s birth. Although snowboarding has gained much popularity, it is an evolving craft with new discoveries every season. Check out some innovative newcomers all available at Ski Stop in Plainview, (516) 249-7980.

1. Lib Tech T. Rice Horsepower snowboard, $700. Snowboarding isn’t a sport known for its eco-friendly hardware…until now. This board is made of entirely renewable wood replacing the conventional fiberglass makeup with eco-friendly materials.

2. Anon M1 goggles, $200. Magnets are the secret weapon when it comes to swapping out your lenses. Just press the quick release tabs instead of fussing with gloveproof levers. These are going to be your new favorite goggles.

3. Burton Cartel bindings, $260. These bindings provide smooth direct control and perfect balance on any board. And how about that mustard hue?

4. Burton Tyro boots, $200. This new boot is all about lacing up. The turn by turn adjustment dial allows the rider to fine tune how tight or loose the boot is. Bonus: This new dial system is easy to use with or without gloves.

5. Burton Custom Flying-V Restricted, $530. Ski Stop is the only retailer on Long Island where you can grab one of Burton’s Muppet collaborated designs. Choose from five boards each featuring a different character. Even if you’re not a Kermit fan, this board provides a perfect blend of playfulness and response that will be hard to pass up.

6. Smith I/OX goggles, $175. Peripheral vision is key when the time comes to hit some fresh powder. With these goggles, you’ll see clearly from base to summit with all the fun stuff in between.

7. Ride Rodeo bindings, $230. Shredding the slopes is an adrenaline rush like no other. Leaving a sea of people in your dust takes that euphoric feeling to another level. These bindings say it all, “I’m having more fun than you.”

8. Ride Hi-Phy boots, $290. This boot is all about the fit, no wonder it’s the leader of all mountain freestyle riders.

Tried and True
Not much has changed technologically when it comes to ice fishing—humans perfected the art millennia ago. Though it is unlikely you’ll master this sport on our sandbar, here’s what you need to know: Lake Champlain, 5 1/2 hours from NYC by car, provides a vast variety of catch. The season runs from November 15th through April 30th. A minimum of three to four inches ice thickness is the general rule for safety, but amateurs should stick to common sense: If nobody else is out there, you probably shouldn’t be either. Besides that, dress warm, keep your cell phone charged and pack like a pro:

1. The auger is a drilling device that will, with your help, form the hole in which the fishing begins. StrikeMaster Lazer hand auger, $90.

2. Frabill Bro Series fishing pole, $45, is a versatile pole that is a perfect fit for first timers.

3. Whether hammering away thick ice or precisely chipping away layers from equipment, the Eskimo dual headed ice chisel, $22.

4. Tip ups are essential to allow the fisherman to suspend bait beneath the ice. Keep it simple with the Beaver Dam tip up, $40.

Out of the Box
By now you should know that size doesn’t matter. Trade in your go-to cross-country skis for trendsetting ski blades. A K2 Fatty set, (2), $240, will not let you down when it comes to fun on the slopes. Traditional ski equipment fits in with these “shorties,” but feel free to jump into your new favorite winter sport with both feet and all new equipment. All available at Ski Stop in Plainview,
(516) 249-7980.

1. Atomic Hawx 80 ski boot, $230.

2. Electric EG 2.5 beer goggles, $185.

3. Swany X-Cell II gloves, $134.

4. Nordica Transfire R1 ski boot, $500.

5. Smith Optics Vantage helmet, $180.

Photos: Luke Hanscom
Words: Aryana Herz