A Girl’s Best Friend

The runways for Fall 2012 were blanketed with the ladylike menswear trend. And I am in love—there is nothing better than a structured menswear jacket and fully functional and supremely stylish boot. Many designers are pulling this off very well, meaning the options are endless. At Carlo Pazolini, our accessories are inspired by classic Italian bespoke designs, which means they are timeless and work with virtually everything (day into evening). Favorites from our line include lacefront and Oxford Booties paired with half gloves.

As they say, what’s old is new again. This look has been done in almost every decade since women started wearing pants. I can remember being a young girl and watching my mom pair styles à la Annie Hall. What makes this year’s version of the look different is the injection of a pop of color to make it look fresh. Whether it be the strong, bold colors of the “color block” trend from earlier this year, the bright jewel tones of last fall or the deeper, plusher hues of this season, women are staying away from dressing dark on dark (on dark). On top of that, in this age we aren’t afraid to pair lavish details such as furs and metallics with everyday pieces like jeans or flowy knit tops. The overall combination makes the whole outfit a bit edgier and less predictable.

This is a supremely fall trend but softening it by adding pastels, switching out scarves and other details (swapping the turtleneck for a tank) could definitely work to transition into next season. And of course, a few key accessories will carry the look from fall into spring. A structured bag is a must!

Speaking strictly shoes, there are a lot of choices out there. In previous fashion cycles we would only see one or two styles per season, but now, everything is on the shelves. Case in point: Riding boots or booties? For me, riding boots are where it’s at because they transition from day to night and workday to weekend. Still, booties are great for a night out. How wonderful that both are now in and we don’t have to choose one over the other! Also, ladies who were previously intimidated by towering heel heights are making platforms an everyday part of their wardrobes. If you want maximum height without feeling like you will topple over, I would suggest a shoe with a platform built in. You don’t lose the style and your calves will thank you for it! On the other hand, if you’re feeling cute and casual, a pair of flats is just the thing. Both are valid, though I would say nothing dresses a look like a pair of heels. And, best of all, a woman can shop for the style and heel height that best suits her physique, the shape of her foot and her lifestyle. Buckles and a bit of fur are the ultimate embellishments for shoes in fall 2012. What’s great is that they work with everything and can dress a look up or down. Again, a simple sweater and jeans can look totally different with a riding boot, two-toned bootie or basic flat. You just decide on your mood and go from there.

My overall signature style is effortless chic…I think I just made that up. But really, I love to look ready for anything (chic), though not like I spend hours trying to get there (effortless). There isn’t one style or another I gravitate to—rules were meant to be broken—so I trust my gut. Wear what makes you smile! Be yourself and it will all make sense. I guess that’s why it’s all about the shoes. The shoes can make or break an outfit. The day my feet hit the floor I discovered shoes are really a
girl’s best friend. And so far, they haven’t failed me.

cristal boulden

Cristal Boulden is the press and marketing manager for Carlo Pazolini, the Italian designer of quality men’s and women’s shoes and accessories. Christal’s career in fashion and beauty began in the buying office of Saks Fifth Avenue. At Carlo Pazolini she is an office of one, determined to ensure the brand’s clearly identifiable style and mission to deliver premium quality are being communicated. Visit the brand’s first LI boutique at Roosevelt Field or carlopazolini.com.