Brasserie Cassis

Brasserie Cassis

Dish: Cuisses de Grenouille
Meat: Frog
Taste Words: Tender, Chicken-Textured, Fishy

The collection of oddball meats consumed and subsequently documented here are not conventional pieces of animal. Thus, I refused to use the cookery cliché, “tastes like chicken,” within any description. Until now. My visit to Brasserie Cassis, a potpourri of casual French eats opened in 2007, was a specific pilgrimage, one for cuisses de grenouille. AKA frog legs.

A sizzly-aromatic dish featuring the upper segment of a frog’s hind legs, cuisses de grenouille are prepared with a sauté of garlic, basil, salt and lemon juice, and presented atop a three-tomato mattress. The entire process, from pan to plate, is completed within minutes. And they taste like chicken.

“A lot of people make that comparison, and it allows others to feel more comfortable about trying it out,” says Ryan Klampfer, general manager of Brasserie Cassis. “Some people may be apprehensive and miss the opportunity to try new things, so it’s a good introduction.” Though Brasserie Cassis offers traditional dining equipment, like forks and knives, Klampfler recommends consuming the buttery-smooth legs with hands.

“I see people initially fumble with their fork, but they usually give up and just use their hands,” he says. “That’s another reason why frog legs reminds people of chicken. It’s like an order of wings.” Tastes like…

Brasserie Cassis also serves snails (escargot), but this fearless writer declined those slowpokes for the faster moving meat. Niko likes a challenge.

niko krommydas

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