Exotic Meats

Exotic meat will never inflict intentional physical harm or cause you to exhibit schizophrenic behaviors (puppy-biting, incoherent Stallone mumbling, etc.), though it is a black-turtlenecked, be-spectacled, avant-garde sister to Joe Americana’s backyard bbq burger and dog. Exotic meat, quite simply, is your friend. Your slightly bizarre, but undoubtedly intriguing, confidant. Embrace. Understand. But do not fear.

Café Buenos Aires

At Café Buenos Aires, a Huntington-based venue that combines Argentinean and Spanish fare, sweetbreads are strictly throat, originate from calves (veal) and are sautéed with leeks, sundried tomatoes and white beans in a garlic sauce.
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Big Daddy’s Restaurant

I am served a spicy-ass skewer of Jefferson Parish Blackened Gator at Big Daddy’s, a Cajun-cuisined homage to New Orleans in Massapequa. The skewer, a lanky meat-rod of alligator, challenges me to grapple. I accept.
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Tweeds Restaurant & Buffalo Bar

I arrived at Edwin Tuccio’s North Quarter Farm in Riverhead on a silverware-spoked chariot. Tuccio, proprietor of Tweeds Restaurant & Buffalo Bar, raises 300+ of the bovid species on 250 acres.
It is where the buffalo roam. Literally.
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Brasserie Cassis

My visit to Brasserie Cassis, a potpourri of casual French eats opened in 2007, was a specific pilgrimage, one for cuisses de grenouille. AKA frog legs.
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The Meat House

Though available for franchise opportunities and currently operating in 10 states, The Meat House is not the beef-based equivalent of Walmart; they do not offer frozen puck-like hamburgers and ginormous mayonnaise jars. Instead, it is focused on resuscitating the traditional neighborhood butcher and its accompanying nostalgic comforts.
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Miloski’s Poultry Farm

Opened in 1946 by Will Miloski and currently operated by son and grandson (Mark Sr. and Mark Jr., respectively), Miloski’s Poultry Farm annually raises 4,000 free-range, grass-and-grain fed turkeys (available farm fresh or rotisserie) on 25 acres of Calverton soil.
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