Curls Be Gone

I’ve contemplated succumbing to the popular Brazilian Keratin Treatment for my hair. My impression was that keratin treatments contained formaldehyde, which is obviously unhealthy, but after consulting stylists, I was told that most treatments now are completely formaldehyde free. This treatment is said to condition the hair, turning frizzy curls into silky, smooth waves.

Lushair is a small, vibrant and hip unisex hair salon in Wantagh that maintains a chic environment, with black, white and grey walls. Elegant, clean, sexy and lavish are just a few of words stenciled across the walls. I would use the same adjectives to describe the impeccable staff. I knew I was in the right place to get a new and exciting look for my hair.

Arriving for my appointment I was brought immediately to my chair. Owner Harry Hernandez was extremely attentive as he provided suggestions for healthy and alternative ways of relaxing my frizzy and unmanageable strands. He recommended the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, informing me that it leaves the hair feeling smooth, silky and radiant with no damage—always my biggest concern. When people in the know hear the phrase keratin treatment, there is an assumption that it leaves the hair pin straight, damaging it with no volume or ability to change. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment, however, left my hair completely manageable and relaxed.

During my consultation, I was introduced to junior stylist Karen Neira, who would provide the treatment. The process was simple. First, she applied a clarifying shampoo from the mid-shaft to the ends of my hair while explaining that it removes buildup and oil. For the keratin treatment to last as long as possible, it must be applied to clean hair. Once the shampoo was rinsed thoroughly, my scalp felt cleansed and refreshed.

Before moving on to the next part of the process, Karen asked me where I part my hair. I was impressed by Karen’s thoughtful consideration to my preference. Then she towel-dried my hair and blew it out 90 percent through, letting it fall exactly where I told her. After sectioning my hair into quarters, she used a bowl and a brush to apply the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment to the entire length of my hair.

I thought the scent from the product would be completely overwhelming and unpleasant, but the treatment gave off only a delicate aroma, and Karen did not wear a mask as she applied it, so there’s no way it contained formaldehyde. After waiting for the product to work its magic, it was time to rinse. But before that, Harry made his way over to my chair and took the time to check that my hair was reacting correctly to the treatment. I could already tell that the treatment worked perfectly. Karen dried my hair for the second time, and that’s when I noticed a major difference in the way the comb ran through my hair—there were absolutely no knots or frizzing.

My hair looked fabulous. Despite five years of satisfied customers, Harry continues to further his education. “I constantly attend classes that strengthen my weaknesses. I may be a great haircutter, but I try to attend classes that will enhance my versatility as a stylist.” In addition, Harry uses his wisdom to benefit other salon owners and stylists. He teaches more than 30 classes a year, educating stylists about the proper forms of guest consultation.