WEHM’s New Release Tuesdays December 2012

Diverse pop/rock practitioner Sufjan Stevens added to his previous volume of Christmas music with Silver & Gold and the track “Mr. Frosty Man,” a paean to Frosty the Snowman. In a departure from the holiday music norm, the song is rickety and lo-fi, closer to early Beck than Bing Crosby.

Modern-day singer/songwriter chanteuse Lana Del Rey released the EP Paradise and the song “Ride.” The tune is a compelling blend of 60s-style smoky vocals, but with a more introspective, confessional tone and modern orchestral ambiance.

Pop-punk royalty Green Day’s latest releases are three albums issued over three months. A garage rock tribute of sorts, the middle selection, ¡Dos!, contains the track “Stray Heart.” It is the perfect mix of modern catchy pop with a distinctive 60s melodic sense.