Long Island Pulse Presents After Sandy

I’m thinking about any of the great tragedies we’ve seen, near or far. It starts with some wave of energy, vacuum and forceful. It sweeps over a place, embroiling the people, washing their things away. But they find out their dreams survive. Their handshakes, their smiles continue.” – Publisher and Editor Nada Marjanovich

Superstorm Sandy struck Long Island with a vengeance. And though the story of Sandy is a vicious one, the many stories to come out of her blight are about hope, compassion and community.

We want to hear your story. Your resilience and positivity are what makes the rebuild possible. Send us your stories, poetry, photos, and videos.

Join the After Sandy forum and share in the conversation. Your spirit speaks to the heart of what Long Island Pulse is all about – celebrating the best of Long Island. And what’s better than Long Islanders standing together, helping one another recover?

EMAIL ENTRIES TO: sandy@nulllipulse.com