La Nouvelle Bière: Brewery Ommegang Barrier Relief


Creation: Barrier Relief

Creator: Brewery Ommegang

Date of Birth: 12/15/12

Description/Brewery Notes: Ommegang reached out to us a few days after the hurricane and offered to help us by brewing one of our beers at their facility to keep our supply chain moving. The beer we brewed with them earlier this week is actually one of our existing beers, Mare Undarum, but fermented with their house strain. Given the fact that it’s at a different brewery using a different yeast we knew it wouldn’t be the same beer so we decided to change the name for the occasion and they suggested Barrier Relief to help bring attention to our situation and promote their involvement in the project.

Consumption Location: Barrier Brewing Company


Super Neat Three-Word Feelings: Earth-must-yeasty. Spicy. Golden.