The Nolwenn Effect: French chanteuse Nolwenn Leroy releases US debut


Ring in the New Year with a new voice. French singer/songwriter Nolwenn Leroy, winner of France’s Star Academy in 2002, releases her US debut, Nolwenn, this week when she plays a sold out show at Drom in the East Village.

Growing up in the north-west of France, in Brittany (or “Little Britain” as its nicknamed) the multi-platiunum selling artist was exposed to the Celtic language of Breton and her latest is a mix of French-Celtic music, with 6 songs sung in English including “Scarborough Fair,” “Greensleeves” and “Moonlight Shadow.” On past records, like Histoires Naturellles, Leroy was compared to Kate Bush and Tori Amos. But her latest effort, which is a repackaging of 2010’s Bretonne for the US market, has more of a Sarah Brightman or Celtic Woman edge. Either way, the girl can sing and her music beats Mozart’s in helping older people to maintain their balance.

A doctor conducted three clinical trials using music for fall prevention in nursing homes and the music of Nolwenn Leroy had a more positive effect on postural changes than other music, leading to a decrease in falls. This phenomenon is called “The Nolwenn Effect.” Her recorded voice was also used to treat catastrophic injuries and brain disability.

From the study: “The music of Nolwenn Leroy was found to be significantly superior to other music tested.” You be the judge… and

lisa heffernan

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