All aFlutter

We live in a busy world. Our work, families and social lives keep us spinning from one event to another. It’s easy to understand how a woman might feel harried and how by 10pm, a 7am look has taken a backseat to the battles of the day.

I often find myself applying or fixing my makeup in the rearview mirror in between appointments. I had doubts that Gretchen Nivens, a professional makeup artist and founder of MALI (Makeup Artistry of Long Island), would approve, so when we met up at her Huntington studio, I asked her how I could get a natural day look that easily transfers into a glamorous evening one.

In order to keep ourselves together, Gretchen recommends a travel bag filled with repotted must-haves. I peeked into her bag and found: BB Cream by L’Oreal (foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen all in one), blush and eye shadow brushes, concealer, powder, dark tint lip gloss and small shadow palettes (make sure to include black or a black smudgy pencil).

To begin my day look, Gretchen gave me a beautiful base by applying a primer to my clean face, followed by MAC foundation applied with her facial airbrush machine. If you don’t have one of these at home, a sponge will do nicely. Next came clear eye shadow primer, white matte highlighter under my brow bones and a purplish-brown shadow to my lids. My brows were darkened and mascara topped it off. I loved the natural looking outcome and the sensation that my skin could really breathe thanks to the water-based foundation.

Best of all, Gretchen had a solution for translating my flawless day look into nighttime glam. She pulled out her DUO glue and in two minutes flat fluffed my lashes by adding a few individual lash pieces to the outer edges of my top lids. Then she dabbed black shadow on to my eye creases and topped off my pout with some dark lip gloss. These lashes were easy and amazingly comfortable, not as cumbersome as full-sized lashes can be. They added depth and glamour and looked perfectly natural. I was transformed from day to night in a wink.