Nada’s Notes February 2013

*anyone who’s ever had a heart
wouldn’t turn around and break it
and anyone who’s ever played a part
wouldn’t turn around and hate it…
you’re waiting
for jimmy down in the alley
waiting there
for him to come back home…
anyone who’s ever had a dream
anyone who’s ever played a part
anyone who’s ever been lonely

few creatures are as misunderstood as the snake. the poor little enigma is jeered for his slinking survival mechanisms and at the same time we covet his skin for our next trendy accessories. cunning, dark and mysterious he will slither us through the new year, the harbinger of many intrigues, no doubt. but he is also lauded in chinese astrology for his poise, refinement and beauty, thus an apt totem for pulse’s annual LUXURY ISSUE. this, the chinese lunar year 4711 happens to be the year of the water snake. our feature named for the mystic, beginning on page 50, is your prefix to the culture, celebrations and suspicions for enjoying it (or is it him?). part of the fun of the research was finding out about buddhist astrology—wood tiger? hu me? yes (hu is the chinese name for my sign)—but also the symbolism and rich layers that go into all the elements of the festivities. my stream of consciousness account of the lion dance is part of the snake piece, too.

apropos of the fineries and grace the year promises to bring, our LUXE LIST comprises the lustful treasures, curios and vessels to indulge in by land, sea and air—perhaps the next twelve months will bring the heightened consumerism and indulgence promised and finally stimulate some economic growth. this collection of fabulous absolutes primes you to do your part. phuket has been on my travel bucket list for a few years now and after taking the virtual tour of the villa and destination we feature in this segment, it may have just moved to the top position. speaking of bucket lists, a little closer to home is ours. while LUXE defines swanky acquisitions of a larger scale (and investment), our annual BUCKET LIST is more about the instant gratification brought by activities within and around our shorelines (and more modest budgets).

more immediately, this month keeps lovers busy. not all celebrate (or want to), but it’s there. those who are looking for the big purchases that come in small packages will appreciate PRECIOUS METALS, our special section focused on, well, metals smithed for adornment. the segment uncovers some surprising characteristics that will add to the backstory when presenting your sweetheart your next special purchase.

the mosaic is filled out by our usual features and columns tilting toward the theme. OUTSIDE THE LINES, the fashion story gracing our cover, is a fierce collection of unique garments that will jolt any winter wardrobe. HOT CARS OF 2013 profiles the year’s new vehicles in our favored classes of auto, including one green speedster. ON SAFARI is a narrative of a lush, upmarket south african retreat and obviously, the natural plenty that surrounds it. and, as if on cue, andy warhol makes an appearance. TALKING WALLS, our visual arts column, is an account of the show on exhibit at hofstra this month, which features some of the fetishist’s voyeuristic photos paired with that of his contemporaries’.

every holiday season, we pulse people take a month-long sabbatical. we travel, we play, we plan, we build and we sleep. basically, we do a lot of the things we don’t do enough of while working (and some of the things that will inspire us when we do). but it is good to be back.

whisper to me when you smile,

– nadA

*“sweet jane,” cowboy junkies

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.