Speak Italian!

Colors, colors and colors…perfectly coordinated colors are the look for spring and summer this year. It is very Italian to know how to play with colors and how to work them together and now this trend is spreading everywhere.

Women’s design is about draping, sensuality and looking glamorous at all times. But men’s design is about construction, fabrics and the finer points. What makes the “well dressed man?” Attention to details, flattering shapes and knowing how to put an outfit together. Especially with color. Anyone can put a suit together, but it’s coordinating layers, as opposed to just putting on clothes, that makes the difference. It speaks to a man’s confidence and coordination. Of course, fit, tailoring and quality of fabric are a big part of it, too. A confident man should know what suits him and what looks good on his body type, but also what works with his lifestyle and the way he moves around. For instance, a man who sits for long periods of time with his jacket on should stay away from fabrics that wrinkle easily and hold the creases.

The Italians are known for tailoring and style. It’s one of the many reasons I’m proud of my heritage—fashion is in my blood! Part of honoring my roots is my dedication to sharp, unpredictable styling with color. Pairing that with traditional, precise, structured tailoring is what keeps the look fresh and dynamic, but serious.

Our fashion house has been known for playing with colors and in our spring/summer collection we will do that once again. Some trends come back strong every ten years or so. We saw the color craze in the past and we will see it in the future, but this time it’s making a statement with staying power—the trend cycle is just a little longer, lasting a few seasons rather than just one or two—which is surprising, considering how everything else is changing faster and faster. For men’s blazers and shirts we use fun colors giving character to the wearer. It’s a look that expresses style and elegance with a lot of taste and personality. In women’s accessories we capture the color trend as well. Our Julie handbag collection will feature 25 beautiful colors in the new season, one for every mood and occasion!


These are trends that are usually confined to the summertime, but this year they translate to winter. By incorporating bright colors with typically fall hues, a rich, well-textured look is achieved. Plus, the typical dreary grey and earth tones of fall can be warmed up and made more exotic with these pops of color. Also, shapes are going to continue pushing the boundaries we’re seeing now.

Our man, the Vacca man, is sophisticated, elegant and well traveled. He knows what he wants, he knows that quality in his clothes is as important as the fit and the tailoring. He does not want to wear what everybody wears. We fit many different body types—our clothes are close to the body, but still comfortable. We have dressed many celebrities: Jamie Fox, Ashton Kutcher, Kanye West, Antonio Banderas, Scarlett Johansson, Renée Zellweger, Glenn Close…all very different body types, but all look great in our label. These are people who are known for their good taste and for being on the cutting edge of fashion.

I grew up in the fashion world and respect the tradition, but artists do not follow rules! Rules are made to be broken in the name of style and elegance. For me, nothing beats loafers with a suit. Narrow pants, fit jackets, two button collar shirts, handmade shoes and white linen pocket square with navy blue cross-stitches on the edges. And of course, I love wearing suits without a tie. A dark suit with a crisp white shirt with an open collar is a great, simple, powerful look. There are many designers who are making beautiful, innovative designs, each with their own heritage, but when it comes to classic tailoring and fresh styling, Italians do it better! Ultimately, for us, it’s an instinct.

domenico vacca

Domenico Vacca was born in Italy to a family deeply rooted in the fashion industry. In 2002, he launched his eponymous label and flagship store on Fifth Avenue, dedicated to the best craftsmanship, superb fabrics and an impeccable fit with a contemporary Italian cut. In 2005, he became a Hollywood favorite, collaborating with costumers for Transformers 3 (John Malkovich), The Son of No One (Al Pacino), American Gangster (Denzel Washington), The Kite Runner (Shaun Toub), HBO’s Entourage (Jeremy Piven) and countless others. Vacca is now a total lifestyle collection for men and women, with stores in Qatar, London, Moscow, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach.