Top Ten Legal Eagles 2012 – Gary H. Tabat

Area of Practice:
Divorce, Child, Family & Matrimonial Law

Gary H. Tabat
Tabat, Cohen, Blum & Yovino, LLP

It’s been said that matrimonial law is as much about psychology as it is about courts, rulings and the law. Gary H. Tabat has been a lawyer, and psychologist, in this area for over 40 years. This former president, and current member, of the board of directors of the Suffolk County Matrimonial Bar Association is also a member of the Nassau County Bar Association’s Matrimonial and Family Law Committee. Mr. Tabat perfected his craft and taught at Touro Law School and continues to lecture for the Suffolk Academy of Law, the New York State Bar and the Matrimonial Bar Association of Suffolk County. Mr. Tabat served as an organizer of Suffolk’s Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness (PEACE) program.