Portrait of a Supercar: 2013 BMW M6

Close your eyes, lean back and give me a happy smirk. Lose yourself in the smell and comfort of my soft leather—I’m dripping in it. Now open your eyes. Still with me? Good, because we haven’t even gotten started yet. By now your fingers are wrapped around my three-spoke steering wheel, one of dozens of options available in BMW’s M (Motorsports) line. The M6 is after all the pinnacle of the brand.

imageI’m big and weighty, tipping the scales at almost two tons. People on the street can’t miss my long, sloping hood as I roll by. That is unless you decide to push my supercharged V8 to its limits—then all they’ll see is a flash. Topping out at 155mph (189 with the Europe-only M Driver’s Package), the wind will run hard through my kidney grills and large, nostril-like side air intakes, which set me even further apart from your mom’s 128i.

Despite my weight, my engine is fully capable of propelling us to 124mph in just 12.6 seconds. My motor is so powerful, I kick in traction control with every gear shift to keep my rear wheels from spinning out as we pile on the speed. My seven-speed double-clutch transmission also helps keep the high torque and high-revving nature of my engine under control.

Even when crawling along on the Southern State, my rumbling and crackling is something to revel in on a “windows-down” spring day. 

Now, in the unfortunate instance we’re sitting in traffic together, say, heading to the city, rest assured that I will shower you with comfort and the latest technological amenities such as a digital TV and DVD player, Bluetooth streaming and a 600-watt Bang & Olufsen audio system. Backrest bolsters and prominent headrests punctuate my heated front seats. Carbon trim on my dash, center console and transmission tunnel perfectly complements all that fine Merino leather upholstery. And my seat-integrated belt system will keep you safe and snug when things start to open up. 

As night falls, like an amusement park radiating after dark, some argue my beauty shines even brighter—my contoured head lamps, complete with tilted “eyebrows” convey a bit of attitude, as do my glassy carbon roof and its moonlight reflections. Now let’s see that smirk again.

4.4L twin-turbo V8
0-60 in 4.2 seconds 
Max Speed: 155mph
Max Power: 560hp @ 6,000rpm
Max Torque: 500lb-ft @ 1,500rpm
Base Price: $109,000