Rule #1: Break the Rules

Warmer months are the time to shed the layers and step into the light, but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to the big trends in accessories. Summer metals tend to be white because they reflect the light and bling to the brighter fashions of the season. Because it has a heavier look, yellow gold tends to be a “winter metal,” holding the light and pairing beautifully with black turtlenecks. But them rules, they’re made to be broken, aren’t they? Summer 2013 will continue the “everything goes” look, extending into the realm of accessories. The results are bold, self-assured and simply dazzling.


Larger than Life
For the carefree Bohemian gal, long, gold necklaces with tassels and charms, stacked bracelets and intricate filigree earrings aren’t going anywhere, but the spring collections took a decisive turn to the “bigger is better” approach. Attention grabbing earrings recall the styles of far-off exotic places. These were not the markings of your mother’s Carmen Miranda (the lady with the fruit on her head). These girls, by way of even conservatives like Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren, donned larger-than-large fruit pieces mixed with gold finishings, beads and ribbons. What else would you wear with a see-through pocketbook and tangerine-colored sunglasses that are the offspring of ski goggles?

Turn up The Heavy Metal
Something about the stark simplicity of white calls for the crispness of flat, straight lines. That’s why sleek, modern “It Girls” prefer stronger, silhouette-conscious pieces over ones that are less significant in weight or presence. White is also where summer fashion always begins, which makes these trends the center of the ripple. As if on cue, Givenchy sent a model down the runway wearing a tight, reflective gold band choker over a simple, white frock. And Lanvin went with a single “wedding band” choker coupled with a significant lariat. Women want to feel confident and these looks certainly deliver. Likewise, wearing multi-fingered rings, oversized cuffs or artsy bangles in bright yellow gold may be a girl’s one statement piece for the day and they are just as valid (maybe even a touch more current) than a cutely wrapped bracelet or layered bead necklaces.

Mixed Media
Once upon a time, a girl had to choose her look for the day: Gold or silver. Well, we’ve come a long way, baby. All shades of gold are mixing with each other along with silver and other precious metals. Interestingly, designers have recently been experimenting with wood, meteorite and other “found objects” as well as precious and semi-precious gems. What could be more intriguing than a piece of jewelry that includes yellow gold, silver, wood, lapis lazuli and lava rock? It says strong, daring and timeless. But it also says natural, which speaks to any woman’s sensibilities. Both yellow and white golds (silver and platinum, too) are also being mixed with rubber, leather and clear acrylic. Of all the metals, gold has one of the highest resistances to corrosion, however some of the modern jewelry material it’s paired with might not hold up as long. When buying mixed media, it’s wise to avoid pieces with weaker materials intricately designed into the piece. A leather strap holding the gold charms might be easy enough to replace, but laminate inlay that tarnishes over time could be a disaster.